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Friday, November 6, 2009

Quote of The Day

"To be clear, Goldman confirms that all these decisions are made by the CDC, and that the vaccine only goes to specified high-risk individuals. In addition, as noted by the above BusinessWeek report, 29 companies including Time Warner and others have also been selected as vaccine distribution." (emphasis added)

Here is the entire article:

Does anyone seriously believe that the corporate nurse or doctor, whose salary is paid by Goldman Sachs (or the Federal Reserve, or the New York Stock Exchange, or Citi Group, or Time Warner or (fill in the blank) is really in a position to:

(a) determine who is "high risk" or

(b) has the fortitude to tell some overpaid executive that his high cholesterol or receding hairline does not qualify him as high risk?

Seriously folks, does anyone really believe that Goldman Sachs and their ilk have 200 "high risk" employees? We know there are no children employed and that pregnant women are in short supply on the trading floor, so who is "high risk"? They guy who smoked one too many cigars before hitting the gym and ran short of breath one afternoon?

There are too many people with desperately ill and medically compromised children who cannot get access to this vaccine.

This is just wrong.


Anonymous said...

I understand what you're saying, but fyi my friend's husband works at a company that got the H1N1 vaccine (not in finance but a medical research field) and their spouses and children were able to get it from the company also, so there were lots of kids and pregnant women.

Anne, Eliza Grace's mom said...

I am sure there are some large employers, particularly in the medical field, that are offering to vaccinate the children and pregnant spouses of their employees. In the medical field there is some logic to vaccinating otherwise healthy adults who are not at risk, but who come in contact with people who are at high risk.

My office is across the street from the NYSE and no one in our office has yet to see a line of children and pregnant women at the NYSE security gate.

I also suspect if the financial firms that did receive the vaccines were offering them to high risk children and pregnant women who are not employees that their P.R. departments would have made sure that the media had a nice assortment of photos and video footage of the high risk toddlers and pregnant women getting vaccinated.

The fact that the financial firms have simply parroted that they "will follow the CDC guidelines to determine who is at risk," to me says that they will not be donating their excess vaccines to the high risk groups. And who at the NYSE is going to decide who is in a high risk group? Once you eliminate the obvious high risk groups (children and pregnant women)there is nothing stopping someone from going to the corporate medical office and claiming to be in a high risk group because of, for example, CLD or a neurological disorder. If the vaccines had been given to actual medical offices those doctors would know who in their patient base was at risk, vaccinate them and decline to vaccinate otherwise healthy adults who were not in a high risk group.