Eliza Grace was born on March 15, 2006, at 26 weeks, 4 days, weighing 1 pound 4 ounces and measuring just 11.5 inches long. She is the light of my soul and this is the story of our life in the big city.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Health Care Reform and Helping Rush Limbaugh Pack for His Move to Costa Rica

I can't decide which makes me happier, the changes to our broken health care system which will provide Eliza with health insurance no matter her endless list of "pre-existing conditions" and general uninsurability, or the prospect of Rush Limbaugh carrying out his "threat" to move to Costa Rica should Health Care Reform pass.

Here are some of my favorite highlights of the new bill, my particular favorites are in bold:

Ends rescission of coverage when you fall ill

No discrimination against children with pre-existing conditions

Bans lifetime limits on coverage

Bans restrictive annual limits on coverage

Small business tax credits

Begins to close the Medicare Part D "donut hole"

Free preventive care under Medicare

Help for early retirees


Anthony's Mommy said...

I'm so happy it passed too! Now Anthony will never be turned down for coverage cause of his past! I know all preemie parents are rejoicing about this!


Sarah said...

Huh, I didn't know the ban on caps. I wonder if that includes per-incident caps as well? Because our per-incident cap at the time of S's birth was $250K.

I'll wait for you to stop laughing to tell you the next bit.

Medicaid was the best insurance we ever dealt with. F'reals. Government can't run a health care system, my ass.

Mel H. said...

I am delighted too - for both reasons. Even though my health plan is pretty comprehensive and we've never been denied anything (we haven't tried the formula yet ;-) I live in fear that if I lose my job, both Daphne and I are uninsurable. This was a good step toward a bit more justice.

Jo said...

I think Costa Rica is too nice for Rush. Let's think warmer - like a desert somewhere - or colder - like Siberia...

Shoot - I'd move to Costa Rica - health care or no!

I really hope this new health plan works. It's so needed. At least it's a step in the right direction.