Eliza Grace was born on March 15, 2006, at 26 weeks, 4 days, weighing 1 pound 4 ounces and measuring just 11.5 inches long. She is the light of my soul and this is the story of our life in the big city.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

March for Babies 2010

Our intrepid little team, with no corporate sponsors and no splashy (or not so splashy) fundraisers and with just a constant reminder to friends, family and strangers to pay something forward, even a small something, to a worthy cause raised:


Not too shabby.

The Eliza Grace Team has raised over $15,000 for the March of Dimes since we started our team in 2007.

We had some simple team t-shirts for our walkers:

We braved the rain:

We were thrilled to have Eliza's teacher Katie join us, and Aunt Carolyn and Nana of course:

Eliza's beloved Aunt Bonnie braved the elements to walk with us:

Words of encouragement were offered:

Cold hands were warmed:

And one little girl had a grand day with her best girlfriends, despite the soggy weather:

Eliza and I walk each year for the families still in the NICU, for those families who never brought their baby home and for the children and families who fight so hard every single day to overcome the effects of prematurity.

We are so very, very grateful to everyone who has supported us with their encouragement and kindness and their generous donations to a cause near to our hearts.

Thank you again ... maybe next year you will walk with us!


Laraf123 said...

What great photos--congratulations on raising that much money and making memories with all those special people!

Sarah said...

Looks like your weather was about like ours! Great work, as always!

Sara said...

I'm still not in a "place" where I can do this. Thanks for walking on Moo's behalf.

Maybe next year...


Lacey said...

I spent the entire day today reading your blog from start to finish ... my SIL is 27 weeks and will probably deliver 'any day now' ... rather than look up all the scary info on the web, I decided to read only 'success' stories ... I loved every blog you wrote, your daughter is a beautiful little girl ... thanks for sharing your story, it was SO encouraging ...I will keep Eliza in my prayers always ... and please know you have been an encouragement to Grace Elizabeth ... thanks so much for sharing your experience!!!

Anne, Eliza Grace's mom said...

Hi Lacey,

Thank you so much for the kind words! I hope all is well with Grace Elizabeth. The prematurity road is not always easy, but despite the bumps and turns, it can be a wonderful journey.

Please let me know how your sister-in-law and her baby are, I will keep them in my thoughts and prayers.

Lacey said...

Thanks, your prayers are SO appreciated ... I know it's hard to go through the SID with your daughter ... I only know a little about is, as my god-daughter had it as a little one (not the eating issues - or non eating issues Eliza Grace has) but some odd quirks that other people just didn't get ... I will always keep the two of you in my prayers and I think you are DOING a great job raising her and I understand your frustration with uninformed odd comments from 'well meaners' ... but always know YOU know her BEST!!! ; )