Eliza Grace was born on March 15, 2006, at 26 weeks, 4 days, weighing 1 pound 4 ounces and measuring just 11.5 inches long. She is the light of my soul and this is the story of our life in the big city.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sneaky? I Think So!

I finally caved and bought the Sneaky Chef Cookbook.

Interesting read if you want to get some vegetables, beans and such into a picky eater. Not the greatest help for a kid like Eliza, but I did not despair since, yes, there is a dessert section.

I decided upon the brownie recipe since Eliza has been known to eat cake.

First you need to make the spinach and blueberry puree. Let me tell you that this stuff looks (and tastes) not-so-good:

You can go two ways after this (well three, if you count running for the hills).

You can channel your inner Martha Stewart and follow the Sneaky Chef recipe for brownies from scratch.

Or you can channel your inner Anne Richter and use the modified recipe which involves a box of this:

And a jar of this:

That's wheat germ to the uninitiated.

After some substitutions and 33 minutes in the oven, you get this:

And this:

Which gets you this:

Kind of liking the Sneaky Chef! Tomorrow, some chocolate chip cookies with chickpea puree!


Jen said...

Hi, I've been reading your blog and had to comment. I add a roasted beet to pancake batter (which I don't think Eliza eats, but it doesn't change the flavor at all just the color to a beautiful hot pink) so I bet you could add it to cookie batter. Just roast the beet, cool in fridge and add to batter via blender. Same with sweet potato. I have that cookbook as well as the Seinfield one and found that while the exact recipes wouldn't work for us, it gave me ways to be creative with what would. Good luck!

Anne, Eliza Grace's mom said...

Eliza has just started eating pancakes so your tip is very timely! Thanks and I will give it try ... and she does love pink :)

Sarah said...

You're inner Anne Richter - ha! I just love to see her eat them and taking bites - I'm so jealous!

Barb said...

So great to see her eating. I don't think we'll ever make these brownies since Sam will eat blueberries, and he loves Amy's organic frozen spinach pizza (though he doesn't know the green stuff is spinach... shhhhh). But I love the ideas. And I love the idea of adding beets or sweet potatoes to pancakes. Sammy will eat both as they are, but I always feel guilty about eating just pancakes, and adding something healthy to them might help me feel less guilty. Well, and maybe if I stop letting him put cake decorating sprinkles on them. :)

Anyway... ever since the mozzarella sticks I've been watching and waiting so it's just really great to see all the eating. Yay, Eliza!

Megan said...

This is great! good luck!

And so nice to see a pic of Eliza tasting/eating!

Amy, John, Sam, and Frank said...

I love Sneaky Chef and my Sam and Frank both love the brownies. We use the instant brownie mix too. Sam loves pancakes too! So good to hear about Eliza Grace! I plan to make a bushelful of brownies for the boys. The pediatrician even recommended the Sneaky Chef brownies for picky eaters. Go figure!

Mama Miya said...

Great job Anne!

SpeasHill said...

My inner Anne Richter is quite at home in my kitchen. :) I might have to invest in the book - Becca's branching out some more, too. I think she *may* even try cake at a birthday party this weekend. She loves the idea of it but still hasn't tried it. Maybe if I added spinach to it... :)

Jo said...

I am so glad Eliza liked the brownies because that spinach blueberry thing looked awful! I probably would have scrapped the whole idea right there.

Maybe secret ingredients are the key to Eliza eating...hmmmmmm